SBA offers a unique proposition to developing your Emerging Talent. Informed by our experience, current market trends and our ongoing relationships with clients, we have developed key principles, which are embedded in our programme design. These principles are based on the current development needs of both businesses and the new generation of employees. Through investing in development you will help them succeed in a global, digitally enabled and transparent workplace.



Energy & Resilience

Today, more than ever, resilience is needed in the workplace. High demands are placed on the emerging talents to take on new responsibilities, learn new skills, and do more with less. Developing resilience provides employees with the coping mechanism to sustain good health, energy and high-performance even under high pressure and in a fast-changing environment.

Make it Happen

Through developing awareness for oneself and for others, emerging talent can harness their energy and enthusiasm. This allows them to build effective relationships, positively influence others and create the space to collaborate, innovate and make change happen

Personal Brand

Technically ahead of the game and clued up with academic knowledge, emerging talented professionals enter the workplace eager to put it all into practice. They may however be unaware that their knowledge-based competencies are not the only factors in determining their success. Developing an understanding of their personal brand – how they are seen by others – can influence the way they choose to behave. Thus demonstrating the importance of character and authenticity in leadership.

Attitude & Choice

Deciding to join an organisation is one thing, owning the choice to drive where that career goes is another one. Through the identification of strengths, development areas and possible career de-railers, emerging talents become independent and proactive. Through ongoing dialogue with their managers and peers, they can utilise their expertise adding value to the business. Feeling valued increases trust and loyalty so they are committed to making a difference now and in the future.

How We Do It

We believe in learning by doing – by having real life experiences, being challenged and stretched, intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially. We have a vast array of projects that can be used to provide emerging talents with highly engaging problems to solve and challenging decisions to make.

Our Projects

  • Community Action Learning
  • Business Action Learning
  • Outdoor Based Learning
  • Journey Programmes
  • Business Facilitation
  • Leadership Simulations
  • Virtual Learning

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